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At CORE Women, we are dedicated to empowering women to build strong cores, embrace their God-given identity, and live lives of purpose and excellence. We believe in the transformative power of mentorship, personal growth, and faith. Your support and contributions play a vital role in helping us fulfill our mission and make a lasting impact in the lives of women.

By donating to CORE Women, you are investing in the growth and empowerment of women from all walks of life. Your generosity enables us to provide mentorship programs, resources, and support that equip women with the tools they need to overcome challenges, develop character, and pursue their dreams. With your donation, you become a partner in our mission to see women flourish, thrive, and make a positive difference in the world.

Ways to Donate:

  1. One-Time Donation: Make a one-time donation to support our ongoing programs and initiatives. Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a difference in the lives of the women we serve.

  2. Monthly Giving: Consider becoming a monthly donor, providing sustained support that allows us to plan and expand our programs. Monthly giving provides a stable foundation for our work, ensuring we can continue making a lasting impact.

  3. In-Kind Donations: In addition to monetary contributions, we also welcome in-kind donations such as resources, materials, or services that align with our mission. If you have a specific donation in mind, please reach out to us to discuss the details.

  4. Corporate Sponsorship: If you represent a company or organization that shares our vision, consider partnering with us through corporate sponsorship. Together, we can create meaningful collaborations that empower and uplift women.


How Your Donation Impacts Lives:

  • Provides resources and materials for mentorship programs.

  • Supports the development of empowering curriculum and materials.

  • Enables us to offer scholarships to women who may face financial barriers.

  • Expands our reach, allowing us to mentor and empower more women.

  • Helps us provide ongoing support and guidance to women on their personal journeys.

Your donation is an investment in the potential, growth, and transformation of women. Join us in making a difference and empowering women to build strong cores, embrace their identity, and live lives of purpose and excellence. Together, we can create a world where women thrive and make a lasting impact.

Thank you for your generosity and support.


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CORE Women 
1920 E. 17th St. 

Santa Ana, CA 92705


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